The Compact Disc Super Pak Bundle Holiday Bundles


People. It’s time to put aside the mustache wax, the home butchery handbook, and monocles and tiny top hats of the steampunk nation. Now is the time to join the growing masses clamoring for the latest obsolete NORMCORE obsession--the COMPACT DISC. Revolutionary in its time, and viewed as a lifesaver for the utterly myopic music industry. Notoriously indestructible until scratched. CDs were kind of portable as well as highly focused on the music of your actual preference. These discs were SO GOOD they weren’t just packaged once, but packaged twice inside a second cardboard box more than twice its size. SO GOOD that the price at times tripled that of lesser formats. SO GOOD they even had complete lyrics and technical liner notes typically confirming that once again this disc, like most discs, was mastered by either Bob Ludwig or his shadow in mystery Greg Calbi.

This might be your opportunity to get all the They Might Be Giants CDs. This offer is FIFTEEN DISCS in all--from our Ikea shelf to your Ikea shelf--all at FIFTY PERCENT OFF regular prices.

We currently have stock of the following titles: My Murdered Remains (2-disc set!), The Escape Team, I Like Fun, John Henry Demos, Phone Power, Glean, Idlewild: A Compilation, Nanobots, Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, Join Us, The Else, Venue Songs (CD and DVD), The Spine, Indestructible Object, They Got Lost, Holidayland, and the Future Soundtrack for America compilation.

If we run out of any of them, we will adjust the price and the pitch. And of course, you can still get all of this a la carte simply by paying the regular price, but why do that when you can become an INSTANT SUPER-COLLECTOR?

Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t going out of the CD business because CDs are already COMING BACK, we just want to save some effort packing these individually. It’s because we need to keep this format flourishing.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Go! Go! Go!