Jackalope on Fitted/Women's Kelly Green T-Shirt Brand new!


Step aside Hoop Snake, Big Foot, and Hodag-the JACKALOPE is here!

In the grand tradition of celebrating MYTHICAL ANIMALS, They Might Be Giants is proud to introduce the brand new JACKALOPE shirt. From the drunken folklore across North America, this fearsome portmanteau is said to be able to scale small buildings and, under certain conditions, DRIVE A CAR. Seen here ready for action on its traditional taxidermy stand, this beast turns any torso into a SHOWPLACE.

Designed by graphic design superstar Paul Sahre, creator of TMBG's mythical PINK MONSTER TRUCK HEARSE, this shirt is kelly green with a yellow print. 100% cotton of the highest quality and available in ALL SIZES with no bogus upcharges.