Phone Power Vinyl Vinyl



Bookend the Glean experience with this killer set of new tracks from TMBG! We’ve took the best of the second six months of They Might Be Giants’ year-long Dial-A-Song project and made a brand new album! It includes show-stoppers like Trouble Awful Devil Evil, I Love You for Psychological Reasons and a transcendant version of Destiny Childs' Bills, Bills, Bills.

This bundle includes:
• Phone Power Vinyl
• Phone Power Download

You get all these songs!
Apophenia | I Love You for Psychological Reasons | To A Forest | I Am Alone | Say Nice Things About Detroit | Trouble Awful Devil Evil | ECNALUBMA | Daylight | Sold My Mind to the Kremlin | It Said Something | Impossibly New | I’ll Be Haunting You | Got Getting Up So Down | What Did I Do to You? | Shape Shifter | Bills, Bills, Bills | Black Ops Alt | I Wasn't Listening