Flood Vinyl Vinyl

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The classic returns to vinyl! This package has been lovingly reproduced with a very keen eye to detail by the fine folks at Asbestos Records, including the very deluxe gatefold and beautiful custom label on the album itself.

Long considered to be the “calling card” album for entry into the world of They Might Be Giants, Flood was produced by Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley and They Might Be Giants & Roger Moutenot, and features so many audience favorites we’ll just point you to the track listing below.

This album makes any home a showplace.

And Flood is now RIAA certified platinum.


Side one
1. Theme From Flood
2. Birdhouse In Your Soul
3. Lucky Ball & Chain
4. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
5. Dead
6. Your Racist Friend
7. Particle Man
8. Twisting
9. We Want A Rock

Side two
1. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
2. Hearing Aid
3. Minimum Wage
4. Letterbox
5. Whistling In The Dark
6. Hot Cha
7. Women & Men
8. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
9. They Might Be Giants
10. Road Movie To Berlin