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As the band toured relentlessly in support of their breakthrough first album, they beat the sophomore slump with this inspired set of tracks. Using the brand new Alesis HR16 drum machine along with some primitive sampling devices, the two-man attack of the band flourished. The gated-guitar of “Ana Ng” would become a signature sound for the band, while The Ordinaires make a guest appearance on “Kiss Me, Son of God.”

Available in FLAC and 320kbs MP3 format.

1. Ana Ng
2. Cowtown
3. Lie Still, Little Bottle
4. Purple Toupee
5. Cage & Aquarium
6. Where Your Eyes Don’t Go
7. Piece Of Dirt
8. Mr. Me
9. Pencil Rain
10. The World’s Address
11. I’ve Got A Match
12. Santa’s Beard
13. You’ll Miss Me
14. They’ll Need A Crane
15. Shoehorn With Teeth
16. Stand On Your Own Head
17. Snowball In Hell
18. Kiss Me, Son Of God