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Idlewild: A Brand New Compilation From TMBG!

Idlewild: A Compilation is an ultra-vivid illustration of the band’s prodigious output and singular musical vision. From the trance-inducing “Am I Awake?” to the haunting biography-in-miniature of “Tesla,” the scope of Idlewild is as wide as it is beguiling.

Available in FLAC and 320kbs MP3 format.

1. Am I Awake?
2. The Mesopotamians
3. We Live In A Dump
4. Experimental Film
5. Cloissoné
6. The Lady And The Tiger
7. Brain Problem Situation
8. Tesla
9. Certain People I Could Name
10. You’re On Fire
11. Damn Good Times
12. Words Are Like
13. Can’t Keep Johnny Down
14. I’m Impressed
15. Careful What You Pack
16. Clap Your Hands
17. Electronic Istanbul