Here Comes Science CD/DVD CDs and DVDs


It’s back to Cool School with They Might Be Giants' brand new CD/DVD package Here Comes Science. Yes, audio and videos in one sweet package and price!

1. Science is Real
2. Meet the Elements
3. I Am A Paleontologist
4. The Bloodmobile
5. Electric Car
6. My Brother The Ape
7. What Is A Shooting Star
8. How Many Planets?
9. Why Does The Sun Shine?
10. Why Does The Sun Really Shine?
11. Roy G. Biv
12. Put It To The Test
13. Photosynthesis
14. Cells
15. Speed & Velocity
16. Computer Assisted Design
17. Solid Liquid Gas
18. Here Comes Science
19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett

Plus Full-Length DVD