They Got Lost (download) Downloads



This remarkably strong set of rarities draws from TMBG’s work with McSweeney, ABC’s Nightline, the Chopping Block websites, as well as some never-released-elsewhere material.

Available in FLAC and 320kbs MP3 format.

1. Rest Awhile
2. Truth In Your Words
3. On The Drag
4. All Alone
5. Down To The Bottom Of The Sea
6. I’m Sick (Of This American Life)
7. Words Are Like (demo)
8. I Am A Human Head
9. Oranges
10. Empty Bottle Collector
11.They Got Lost
12. Reprehensible
13. Rat Patrol
14. The Army’s Tired Now
15. Certain People I Could Name
16. Theme To McSweeney’s
17. Dollar For Dollar
18. Mosh Momken Abadon
19. Token Back To Brooklyn
20. Disappointing Show
21. Oranges Testimonial