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Christmas Songs!

These recordings were made over the years in very different times and places. “Santa’s Beard” originally appeared on TMBG’s Lincoln album. “O Tannenbaum”was a 7" vinyl single recorded at a soundcheck with the band’s first live line-up at Fairfax High School in Hollywood, CA. “Careless Santa” is taken from the debut album of Mono Puff, a Flansburgh side project. “Feast of Lights” was recorded for a Chanukah compilation called Festival Of Light 2. And “Santa Claus” is a brand new recording of The Sonics’ 60s garage classic only available here.

Available in FLAC and 320kbs MP3 format.

1. Santa Claus
2. Santa’s Beard
3. Feast of Lights
4. Careless Santa
5. O Tannenbaum